Implementing Flipped Learning


Implementing flipped learning

The concept of flipped learning has emerged as a means of using technology, not only to supplement traditional education, but to qualitatively transform the way that we conduct education. The Flipped Learning Network defines flipped learning specifically as, „… a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting ... Lesa meira »

Defining flipped learning

An important first step for flipping a learning environment is to define what flipped learning is in the given context. How flipped learning was defined among the many instructors that were involved in the FLiP project varied significantly between countries and schools. When asked about how they understood the concept of flipped learning, the most common responses were: Recording lectures ... Lesa meira »

Goals and organisational buy-in

Instructors are often stereotypically regarded as individual workers that are in charge of their classroom. But, no matter how independent instructors are, they almost always work within a social, regulatory, and organisational environment that is beyond their individual control. These externalities exert pressures that can affect what an instructor can or cannot do. So, even where the ultimate decision to ... Lesa meira »

Working with supportive networks

Flipped learning works best when implemented in a supportive environment. Among the instructors involved in the FLiP project, those who had the most difficulty sustaining the changes that they were trying to implement were those who worked alone. In fact, when Icelandic instructors who were involved in the FLiP project were asked what beginner flippers most need, almost all responded ... Lesa meira »

Glossary of flipped learning terminology

Active learning Learning activities in which learners are engaged and active participants in the learning process rather than being passive receivers of information. Assessment Assessment involves gathering information and data to develop an understanding of learners’ knowledge and capabilities and evaluate their further learning needs. Blended learning Blended learning refers to learning environments or activities in which learning technologies are ... Lesa meira »